Nicolas Collas (company owner and personal trainer) completed his studies as sports scientist in the summer of 2008 at the University of Basel and his studies in corporate communications and marketing at the University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in spring, 2015.


Among his greatest successes are medals in French mountain and road race championships and a runner-up champion with the French national team in mountain running.

Best Results

Half Marathon: 1:08:15

10km: 30:48

5km: 14:51

22 years

Experience in top-level sports

12 years

Experience in the field of training theory, performance diagnostics and biomechanics

9 years

Consultant and project manager for workplace health promotion

Workplace Health promotion

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Return On Investment

Studies show: workplace health promotion reduces the number of days off through illness and boosts employees’ productivity. Improving your employees’ health is an investment.

Employer branding

Healthy staff increase the company’s attractiveness! Workplace health promotion is already standard in many large companies. But SMEs also recognise that it not only reduces absences, but can also increase motivation. This is becoming more and more important for recruitment.

your benefits:

fewer absences: Through better health, your operation benefits from lower insurance contributions and thus from reduced staff and non-wage costs.

✔ attractive business: both internally and outwardly your business becomes an interesting employer with health- promoting measures.

tailor-made: Every business is different – therefore æktiv adjusts the health program to the requirements of your company.

✔ comprehensive: æktiv supports you not only in the areas of health promotion, but also in the communication processes required for this purpose.

Personal Training

running training: Do you just want to improve your stamina or prepare for a fun run or marathon? æktiv will help you achieve your goals.

general fitness: Do you want to generally improve your endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility? At æktiv, your coach offers you the right training.

competitive sports: Do you want to prepare for a specific race? Do you want a training schedule tailored to your individual and time requirements? At æktiv you will find the right training partner!

health oriented: Do you want to improve your well-being through more exercise? æktiv is there to help and to take into account your individual requirements.

your benefits:

comprehensive: Whether you want to improve your wellbeing or prepare for a marathon – æktiv will help you.

✔ personal: Every person brings their own conditions – therefore æktiv designs training to specifically meet your needs.

simple: You decide when and where your training takes place.

✔ efficient: With æktiv, you get the most out of the time that is available to you.

Personal Training im Park Basel

in which area do you want to get better?

My personal training is suitable for performance- and health-oriented people.

 The offer includes 3 essential areas in which I can assist you: running training, general fitness and cycling.

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